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Who Are the Characters of the Town Doctor Series?


Who Are the Characters of the Town Doctor Series? The Town Doctor, broadcast on TRT 1 in Turkey and attracting great attention, brings together master actors and young names.

Here are the highly anticipated characters of the ‘The Town Doctor‘:

Who Are the Characters of the Town Doctor?


He’s a good surgeon. He doesn’t laugh much, he’s always a cold-blooded ice man. You can’t understand his feelings if he doesn’t want to. People either love Hakan Aydıner or they don’t, there is no in-between. The situation is not different for Hakan Aydıner; nothing in between.

DR. OMER ÖZEN (Deniz Can Aktas)

The life lesson he learned in his childhood turns Ömer into a brave doctor who is in love with his profession. If he believes, he will go all the way. He’s calm until he gets hit. A single wrong step will lead him to a hospital he could never predict.

DR. LEYLA ERPEK (Hazal Subasi)

Even if there is little chance of saving a patient, Leyla takes action without thinking too much. She becomes a different person in the emergency room. Even if it means taking the whole world against him, everything is for a life that will hold on to life.

Who Are the Characters of the Town Doctor?

Head Nurse MINE YILDIZ (Vildan Atasever)

Head Nurse Mine is good at her job. He is always serious and authoritative. It gives confidence to colleagues, family and friends. His presence comforts those around him, but he is alone in the crowd.

YALÇIN AYGUN (Sinan Albayrak)

He is not only a good surgeon but also a successful hospital administrator. A strong, ambitious man. One of those who say that everything is fair for success. It has its own truths and rules. He expects everyone to comply with them. He does not forgive those who object or raise their voices.

DR. TURGUT OLGU (Baris Yildiz)

The chief physician of the Private Uluçınar Hospital is also an anesthesiologist. It has an interesting serenity. Turgut and Hakan are the opposite of each other. Maybe that’s why they have such good friends. Both complement their deficiencies with each other and manage the Private Uluçınar Hospital despite all the difficulties…

DR. BERK AYGUN (Ozgun Karaman)

One of those guys with that distinctive smile and devil hair. He is the son of Yalçın Aygün, one of the most famous surgeons in the country. The life of Berk, whom everyone describes as born lucky, is not as rosy as it seems.

İHSAN BOZKIR (Sinan Demirer)

Deputy director of Private Uluçınar Hospital. Kurnaz sometimes forgets that he works in a hospital and skips the ethical part. In these cases, the Doctor bumps into Hakan and immediately takes a step back. He seriously dreams of being discovered and appointed as a manager to better hospitals in the group of hospitals to which Private Uluçınar Hospital is affiliated.

BÜLENT KARGI (Baris Yalcin)

He is not a very successful surgeon. The subject he is successful in is management rather than medicine. He is someone who knows how to always be on the side of the strong, who can do it.

ONUR GÜNCE (Tarık Uğur Özenbaş)

Male nurse Onur is a connoisseur of his job. After Mine, she is Hakan Aydıner’s most trusted nurse. This has caused him to have many surgeries and to cook for his job according to his age.

DR. MURAT DILKOR (Ozgur Cem Tugluk)

Surgeon. He is a sympathetic, cheerful, laughing and having fun type. He is not difficult, he does not like to take risks. He’s a good second man, he doesn’t want to stand out. He is a good friend of both Ömer and Leyla, but mostly on the days of fun. When things get a little messy, Murat instantly becomes invisible.

BEKTAŞ ÇEKİL (Fatih Yücebag)
Although he looks like a walking mountain, Bektaş has a soft heart. Don’t let his silence and calmness mislead you, even if it’s rare, you don’t want to be near him when he gets angry.

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