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Another award for Can Yaman from Italy!


Continuing his career in Italy, Can Yaman started a new solidarity project with the “Can Yaman for Children” association he founded there and started his Italy tour on March 10 within the scope of the project called “Break the Wall Tour”.

Continuing his project, Can Yaman attracted great attention wherever he visited. He was deemed worthy of an award for the successful campaigns and aid carried out by “Can Yaman for Children” at the Festival Nazionale del Cinema e della Televisione, which took place between 21-25 June 2023.

The actor was deemed worthy of another award at the Marateale in Winter Award 2023. At the ceremony, he said, “International actor with extraordinary expressive power. Deep sensitivity, deep commitment and sincere support are put at the service of Can Yaman For Children, which raises funds to assist, support and support children and adolescents in the field of socio-health, and to promote social interest activities related to pediatrics and childhood.” “For self-sacrifice.” and his award was presented to him.

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