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The name of the TV series “Olene Kadar” has become “Senden Once”!


The name of the Till Death series by D Media, which will be broadcast on Kanal D in the winter season, is “Senden Once”. Melis Sezen also joined the cast of the series.

Ibrahim Celikkol, the first announced actor of the TV series “Senden Once”, which is planned to be on the screen soon, signed an agreement with D Media in recent weeks. The production company continues to select other actors of the series, whose preparations are ongoing.

Beautiful actress Melis Sezen, who has always won the admiration of the audience with her acting, was another name announced in the TV series “Senden Once”. Sezen will meet the audience again on Kanal D with a surprise character.

In the posts made on Kanal D’s corporate social media accounts, the artist’s fans poured comments with the message “Again, Melis Sezen” written under Melis Sezen’s photo.

The shooting of the series, for which actor negotiations are continuing, will begin in the coming days. Issues such as who the other characters of the series will be and where they will be shot are kept secret.

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