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Ada Masali 25th Episode Final Photos


Ada Masali 25th Episode Final Photos have been published. The final photos of the 25th episode of “Ada Masalı”, which will come to the screen with the final episode, have been published.

  • What will happen in the new episode?

Episode 25: In the final episode of Ada Masalı, the marriage decision of June and Poyraz is about to come to life.

Despite all the obstacles they face, the two, who do not give up on each other, have one last problem to overcome before getting married.

While the news that June and Poyraz are moving to Istanbul spreads rapidly on Kırllang Island, Sadık finds a way to deal with his older sister Suzan.

When Nehir learns that Hasan is her father, she distances herself from everyone, and years later, meeting her father will completely change the young girl’s life.

While Selma continues to worry about her daughter, Fatih confronts Hasan. A brand new era will begin in the lives of Alper and Melisa.

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  1. Sarah says

    The final episode is so amazing. Thank for the pictures. I love this series.

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