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Deniz Baysal answered MAG’s questions


Deniz Baysal, who is currently acclaimed for her performance in the “Teşkilat” series, giving life to the character of Zehra, shared her career and her curiosity with MAG Readers…

“I love to live in the moment. I don’t make big plans. In order not to be disappointed when it doesn’t happen and to be able to enjoy everything…”, the successful actress said, “When you look back, do you wish that you wished?” He answered his question this way: “I wouldn’t really change anything. If only to say; I try to say thank you. Otherwise, one gets stuck in the past. I am the current Deniz with my experiences and I love this Deniz.”

Deniz Baysal Yurtcu, who stated that the character Zehra she portrayed in the Teşkilat TV series is very meaningful to her, added: “Zehra is really special to me… She is strong, intelligent, stubborn, goes over her problems, lives her emotions to the fullest when appropriate, and is cold when appropriate. cold… And of course a mother. Every moment, every scene brings me joy.”

“When I think about the process and see the change, I am very happy; because I’m doing the job I love and dream of.”

“I’m constantly thinking about the character and looking for what I can add to it.”

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