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Who are the characters of the Annenin Sirridir Cocuk series?


Tv8’s new series “Annenin Sirridir Cocuk” by NTC Medya starts tonight. Let’s get to know the characters of the series starring İrem Helvacıoğlu, Selin Yeninci, Engin Öztürk and Olgun Toker.


She can successfully manage the scales of reason and conscience. Her childhood was full of love. She is encouraged to follow her dreams. Despite being an only child, she is sharing and selfless. Although she knows hwe family’s discontent about the marriage, she doesn’t make it a problem. Her husband’s childlike spirit is shaken when her dreamy nature and weakness for women are reflected in their marriage. However, her main psychological breakdown occurs when she comes face to face with the pain she experienced in her first marriage.


She vaguely remembers her father, who lost her when she was three years old. There is a 10-year age difference with her older sister Türkan. His mother generally took the pain of being widowed at an early age from Meryem. She grew up with an oppressive attitude in a small town. She has never had a friend and has put her doll, which she never leaves with her, as her best friend. Meryem, the first wife of a family living in Istanbul, is married to her older son, who has passed away, through her friends from a town. However, she cannot get pregnant. Unable to withstand her mother-in-law’s request and pressure for grandchildren, Meryem makes an extraordinary plan in her own way. This plan will turn into another family’s drama with the sharp intelligence and strategic moves of Meryem, who seems quiet and ordinary from the outside.


The last generation of a rich and well-established family from Istanbul. After losing all members of his family in a boat accident, he tried to repair himself spiritually, but could not fill his deficiency that needed a root in him. When he meets Defne, for the first time in his life, he realizes that he does not feel this lack. He thinks that it will be completed with Defne. As a matter of fact, they get married at a young age in a consulate abroad, without thinking, with great love. They have a short but eventful marriage. Defne leaves him. The fact that the woman he fell in love with leaves his life causes Sadun to always feel incomplete. His life is shaped around the goal of being completed with Defne, whom he sees as his missing piece.


He is Defne’s husband.. His father owns a textile workshop in Merter. He received a good and privileged education. His family’s opportunities and his mother’s protective attitude caused him to grow up a little spoiled. Despite his father’s pressure, he followed his own dreams, not his family business. He is in debt because of the game software company she founded.

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