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Destan 19th Episode Photos and Summary


Destan 19th Episode Photos and Summary have been published. The Destan series continues to come to the screen with new episodes.

Destan 19th Episode Photos

What will happen in the new episode?

Akkız asks Alpagu Han to account for his vanished oba and Kün Ata, but Alpagu Han is unaware of anything. Will Akkız believe Alpagu Khan?

When Akkız comes to save her mother, she cannot find Batuga. They set out to search for Batuga and Tutkun and they reach Tutkun’s dead body. How will Temur face his great pain?

Akkız and her friends, who searched the whole forest, still could not reach Batuga. Akkız goes to Gök Saray and asks Alpagu Han for help!

What will be the move of Ulu Ece, who is cornered because of the alliance of Alpagu Han and Akkız?

Balamir and Cholpan Khan, who were badly injured by Alpagu Khan, wake up and come to their senses.

Balamir, who survived Alpagu Khan’s raid, tries to make Cholpan a partner in his revenge, but finds Saltuk in front of him. What will be the side of Cholpan this time?

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