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Which series will Erkan Meric return to the screen?


It was a matter of curiosity with which series Erkan Meric would return to the screen. Erkan Meric, who shined with the TV series “Adini Sen Koy”, was last seen in front of the audience in the project “Gulumse Kaderine”, which met with the audience on FOX. The handsome actor gave the signal that he would return to the screen with a new series in his social media posts.

Details of that project have been revealed. Erkan Meric will soon be playing the leading role in a daily series codenamed “Yazgı”, which will be screened on tv8, which has started to attack about the series in the new broadcasting period.

Hakan Şahin will direct the series, which is already a matter of curiosity. The shooting of “Yazgı” written by Yaşar Aksu and his team will begin in the coming days. Currently, Erkan Meric is looking for a partner for the series, whose casting continues. Meric, who liked the script very much and started working on his role, is having exciting days.

Source: Birsen Altuntas

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