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What did Burcu Ozberk say about the finale of the series “Ask Mantik Intikam”?


Burcu Ozberk, who played the character of Esra in the “Ask Mantik Intikam” series, which was screened on Friday evenings on Fox TV, was screened at noon. While the famous actress was answering the questions of the reporters, she also answered the question about the series in which she took a role to be final.

“We had a good season. We are getting ready for the summer with his happiness and the happiness of doing a long job. Nice set, very nice team. We worked very happily. It is also very important for everyone to finish the job by hugging each other when the job is finished. That’s why there is a sadness because I want to work with those people again and again, but there is also the pride of shooting a 42-episode job. Sweet feelings all come together.” she said.

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