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The third season of the Emanet series begins


Emanet, which is watched with interest on Kanal 7 screens, is in front of its fans with its third season. The life of Yaman and Yusuf, who fell into a deep mourning after Seher’s death, and the silenced life, will take its place on the screen with Emanet.

Yaman, whose whole life is turned upside down while he thinks he has found happiness, on the one hand, and little Yusuf, who lost his only port aunt after his mother, on the other hand… The story of Yaman and Yusuf, who was tested with great pain by Seher’s death, will meet with the audience with Emanet. The series, which is followed with excitement on the screens, will increase the dose of action in the third season.

Who Is Nanuka Stambolishvili, Where Is She From? Biography – Emanet New Lead Role

Three months pass after Seher’s death in the new season of the series, starring Halil İbrahim Ceyhan. Seher’s death falls on Aziz, who is actually the victim of a treacherous trap. Topal, who is the real instigator, takes over the family empire with his brother’s blood in his hands, while he does his best to have Yaman imprisoned, but cannot reach his goal. In the past three months, Yaman is acquitted of the crime even though he was taken into custody for killing Aziz. After Seher’s death, Yusuf is withdrawn. On the one hand, Yaman mourns his dead wife, on the other hand, wants to make his only nephew laugh again. But the solutions Yaman found are useless. Yaman tries many ways to make his nephew be the same as before. One day, a stranger comes to the mansion. How will this stranger who suddenly entered their lives affect the lives of Yaman and Yusuf? Will Yusuf, who closed his heart to the whole world, smile again? All of them and more will be presented to Kanal 7 viewers with Emanet.

The new season poster of #Emanet starring Halil İbrahim Ceyhan and Nanuka Stambolishvili has been released.

The story of Yaman, who is in law, and Nana, who is looking for the murderer of her brother, will be on Kanal 7 every weekday evening at 19:00, starting from September 19, with Emanet.

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