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The first photos from the set of ‘Tuzak’ with Akin Akinozu have arrived!


The first photos from the set of “Tuzak”, which draws attention with its original story and brand new narrative style, have arrived.

Akin Akinozu, Bensu Soral, Talat Bulut and Rıza Kocaoğlu will star in the lead roles, while Aytaç Çiçek will be directing, and Eylem Canpolat, Ayşenur Şık and Ali Yörükoğlu will be writing the screenplay.

The first photos from the set of ‘Tuzak’

Tuzak is the story of a man who has sworn to take revenge on a rich and powerful family that has changed his family’s fate, as well as avenging all those who have been wronged. In the face of the destructive revenge plan, which has been worked on for years, the smart and strong daughter of the enemy will turn into a riddle.

In “Tuzak, the revenge story of three brothers Umut, Mahir and Umay, whose childhood was taken away from them, is told.

First photos from the set of ‘Tuzak’

“Tuzak” General Story;

While discovering that the three brothers Umut Mahir and Umay, who are united for a common purpose in this world where who is good and who is bad, and who are fake, are not connected at all, as they thought, Güneş, who thinks that they love each other more, their father’s approval and their comfortable life, more than each other. We will watch how the brothers Güven and Mete bond with each other against the common enemy… While Umut takes revenge on this family he hates, his biggest conflict is Güneş, who he realizes is the love of his life as he gets to know her. On the other hand, Güneş does not know who Umut is and his purpose, whom he knows as a dirty lawyer Çınar Yılmaz and falls in love with. She will leave the entire future of her family and herself in the hands of this man whom she falls in love with.

Bensu Soral Becomes Akin Akinozu’s Partner In The Tuzak Series

The new poster of “Tuzak”, which is preparing to make a name for itself with its impressive and powerful cast, has been released on the TV8 screen.

“Tuzak” will be on TV8 soon…

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