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The final episode of Ask Mantik Intikam has been announced!


The final episode of Ask Mantik Intikam has been announced! A new final episode date has been set for the Ask Mantik Revenge series, whose final episode was previously determined.

FOX’s No9 signed “Ask Mantik Intikam” series started last summer and continued its journey on the screen by challenging big budget productions with high ratings on Friday evenings. Finally, it was decided to make the final in the 39th episode of the series and this information was announced to the team.

According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, “Ask Mantik Intikam”, which is screened on Fox TV on Friday evenings, starring İlhan Şen and Burcu Özberk, will make a final in the 42nd episode and say goodbye to the screens. The series will air this week with its 37th episode.

However, today at noon, there was a flashy development and the final date of “Ask Mantik Intikam” has changed. At the meeting, it was decided to end the series in the 42nd episode, not the 39th episode. If there is no last minute new development, the last decision is in this direction…

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