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The director of Ya Cok Seversen has changed!


An important change took place in the Kanal D series “Ya Cok Seversen”, which was produced by Ay Yapım and produced by Kerem Catay and brought together Kerem Bursin and Hafsanur Sancaktutan. Ali Bilgin was the general director of the series. Beste Sultan Kasapogulları was sitting in the director’s chair. These two names are also the directors of the series Judgment… They came to establish Ya Cok Seversen this summer, but could not transfer their place to another director due to the disruptions in the business. However, just a few days before the shooting of the third season of Judgment started, Ali Bilgin and Beste Sultan Kasapoğulları said goodbye to Ya Cok Seversen. They were replaced by director Ali Balcı when Vermem Seni Ellere, broadcast on ATV, made the final. Balcı had previously worked with Kerem Bürsin on the projects Günesi Beklerken and Aynen Aynen.

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