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Senden Daha Guzel 13th Episode Photos And Summary


Senden Daha Guzel 13th Episode photos and summary have been published. Senden Daha Guzel series make its finale in the 14th episode.

Senden Daha Guzel 13th Episode Photos

Emir blames himself when Efsun falls into a coma after being shot by Filiz. The clinic, on the other hand, will run into trouble for an unexpected reason.

Emir’s fear after Efsun’s shooting pushes him to a life of nature that he never expected. The threat of Filiz continues, and the fact that Filiz cannot be caught keeps everyone on their toes.

What Emir says while Efsun is in a coma will push Efsun to take steps that will change his life, and will be the beginning of an adventure he will take to reach Emir.

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