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Neslihan Atagul; ‘Kadir is an amazing gift for me’


Neslihan Atagul had a meeting with producer Erol Avcı at a venue in Etiler the previous day. Answering the questions of the press members, Neslihan Atagul said, “It looks like we will start soon, everything is fine.” Famous actress, “Will it be difficult for you to go in front of the camera with your husband?” She replied, “No, on the contrary, I think it will be very comfortable, after all, I will play with my husband”.

To Neslihan Atagül, “Did there come any special surprises from Kadir Dogulu?” On the question, “As long as Kadir is in my life, I hope it always happens. His presence in my life is already a tremendous gift for me.” gave the answer.

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