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Most Popular Turkish Comedy Movies


Who doesn’t like a good Comedy Movie we have brought together the best 5 movies that we think will make your day. Even if you would like to rewatch a movie this might be your reminder. Below you can find The Most popular Turkish Comedy movies.

Most Popular Turkish Comedy Movies List

G.O.R.A :

Arif, who was a trader, was abducted by aliens and taken to the planet G.O.R.A.. Arif saves the planet from a fireball while he is imprisoned on the planet, and in the meantime he meets a princess named Ceku. All the while, The evil commander of the planet G.O.R.A.  Logar wants to take control of the planet by marrying Ceku. Arif finds out about this and wants to take Ceku with him when he escapes from the planet, but for this he has to fight against Commander Logar. G.O.R.A is fun Film to watch with a bit of love and action included .


Vizontele :

It tells about the arrival of television in the Gevaş district of Van at the beginning of 1974. This is one of the last places where everything reaches, and people who hear it are very curious about what television is like. The officers who were exiled there by TRT returned without setting up the receiver. Mayor Nazmi gets help from Emin, who is known as the madman of the city, to overcome this. Emin is actually a character who is not crazy, has an interest in technological gadgets and has an interesting life repairing all radios.Vizontele is a Funny story about town which is far away from the city.


Aile Arasında:

The neurotic Fikret and music hall vocalist Solmaz, whose 21-year relationship ended on the same day, meet by a funny coincidence and become neighbors. When Solmaz’s daughter Zeynep decides to marry the son of a rich family from Adana, Fikret, who is afraid of everything, suddenly finds himself playing the role of his life. The wedding, which is planned to be between the family, grows with the insistence of the groom’s family. And Fikret who can not decline the request of the new neighbour and friend acts as the Father of Zeynep . The fact that the whole life story is based on a lie and the caos this creates is showcased very funny.

Aile Arasında

Organize İşler:

Istanbul, a complex city full of crimes… Innocents and criminals maintain their lives in close contact, in harmony with each other. An ordinary man dressed as Superman trying to earn his living will find himself in the middle of the criminal world. In the middle of the criminal world, he will fall in love with an innocent, confuse everyone, including himself, and somehow try to survive. What will happen will he be able to free himself of this spiderweb or will he become the spiderweb, Organize işler is over all entertaining movie that is suitable for a easy night at home.

Organize İşler

Düğün Dernek:

Set in the heart of Anatolia, in Sivas, the film is about the need for Tarık from Sivas and Nugesha from Latvia to get married in order to work in the same country. The comedy aspect of the job is that Tarık’s father İsmail wants to make this wedding the most beautiful wedding in Sivas. İsmail and his friends take action to hold the best wedding in Sivas. The issue here is neither do they have the resources nor do they have the money to held this kind of Wedding, here begins all the fun because they set their mind to it.

Düğün Dernek

Comedy Turkish Movies You Can Watch on Netflix.

If you are looking for something to watch on the weekend or in the evening, this article is for you.

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