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Kerem Bursin moderated for the first time!


The first Academy Day event, hosted by Ay Yapım, was moderated by Kerem Bursin for the first time. The Academy Day event, organized by IEmmy’s and held for the first time in Istanbul, continues under the hosting of Ay Yapım. The event, which started on May 31, brings together the leading representatives of the television world from 30 countries and the television industry employees in Turkey at the panels.

Kerem Bursin was the moderator of the panel held today; Beren Saat, Ece Yörenç, Sema Ergenekon and Pelin Diştaş talked about the role of women in the success of Turkish content in the country and around the world.

Although Kerem Bursin was the moderator for the first time, he received great applause from the audience with his success.

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