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In Which Countries Is Kerem Bursin Most Loved?


Kerem Bursin is a Turkish actor who gained international popularity through his role as Serkan Bolat in the Turkish TV series “Sen Cal Kapimi” (You Knock on My Door). While it’s challenging to determine the exact countries where he is most loved, Kerem Bursin has a significant fan base in Turkey, where he is highly regarded for his acting skills and charm.

Additionally, due to the international success of “Sen Cal Kapimi” and the popularity of Turkish dramas worldwide, Kerem Bursin has garnered a considerable following in various countries where Turkish series have gained traction. These countries include:

  1. Greece: Turkish dramas have been well-received in Greece, and Kerem Bursin has gained popularity through his role in “Sen Cal Kapimi.”
  2. Spain: Spanish audiences have shown a growing interest in Turkish series, and Kerem Bursin’s portrayal of Serkan Bolat has contributed to his popularity there.
  3. Latin America: Turkish dramas, including “Sen Cal Kapimi,” have found a significant viewership in several Latin American countries, leading to a growing fan base for Kerem Bursin in nations like Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil.
  4. Middle Eastern countries: Turkish series have long been popular in the Middle East, and Kerem Bursin has gained recognition and appreciation in countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt.

It’s important to note that Kerem Bursin’s popularity extends beyond these countries, and his fan base may be present in many other nations around the world. Social media platforms and international accessibility to Turkish dramas have allowed actors like Kerem Bursin to gain a global following.

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