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Hilal Altinbilek became the first official Turkish actress to go to Panama


Actress Hilal Altinbilek traveled to Mexico and Panama at the invitation of Turkish Airlines. Altinbilek contributed to the awareness of both Turkey and Turkish TV series in North and South America.

Hilal Altinbilek, who has an audience in many countries besides Turkey, participated in the events held in Mexico and Panama last week with her success in the phenomenon series “Bir Zamanlar Cukurova”. Altinbilek, the first official Turkish actor to go to Panama, met with intense interest from her fans.

“This intense interest in our TV series thousands of kilometers from Turkey is very honorable,” said Altınbilek, adding, “I saw how effective Turkish TV series contributed to Turkey’s tourism and once again I was proud of my profession and everyone who contributed to our TV series.” expressed. During an interview, the actress experienced emotional moments when the presenter told the children that after the series started airing, the children in Panama were named after Altinbilek’s character Züleyha. Fatih Aksoy, a board member of the Turkish Exporters Association, also attended the events.

Altinbilek, who went to Milan to participate in the Verissimo program broadcast on Italy’s Chanel 5 channel last Wednesday, flew to Mexico with dust on her feet right after the shooting.

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