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Hazal Subasi; ‘I believe I will go blind in the dark!


The new episode of the Empati program with Hazal Subasi has been released. Hazal Subasi made sincere statements.

Hazal Subasi talked about her childhood trauma. Subasi explained that he was still under the influence of his dream: “The darkness reminds me of something a little different. I am extremely afraid of the pitch dark, I believe that I will go blind at that moment. If I see no light, I feel like I will never see it again. This is from the dream I had when I was little. It was electric then. there were water heaters, I stay in the shower for a very long time, and it still is.. I stay in the shower in my dream, the electric water heater is throwing, I shout to my mother to turn off the switch, My mother says that the electricity did not go out! I woke up with that dream and did not close my eyes while washing my hair for 6 months! progress.” said:

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