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Hazal Subasi answered the questions of Re Touch Mag


Hazal Subasi, who came to the screen with the second season of Town Doctor, answered the questions of Re Touch Mag.

For the first condition of being an actor, Hazal Subasi said, “I think it is to be curious and excited about innovation. She expressed his thoughts by saying, “In a way, loving your job very much and not forgetting the sides you love at the same time.”

For ‘Town Doctor’, in which she gave life to the character of Leyla, ‘It was a project that I heard and read 2-3 months before it started. I just sat down and finished the adaptation and really enjoyed it. It was very exciting to play the character of Leyla in a project like ‘Town Doctor’ on TRT 1, to think about the profession of doctor, to learn about a very difficult profession that I never knew. It was very nice to see the naivety that I saw in all the relationship networks in his general story, and the fact that the story deals with every emotion in detail.”

Hazal Subasi, who plays a young and successful doctor in the series, was asked how it feels to be a ‘doctor’: “It’s really hard to empathize. Being a doctor is a very serious profession. Trying to resist death, trying to heal a person are situations that require a lot of responsibility.” Regarding the differences between him and Leyla, “I can say that I am not someone who clings to the past as much as Leyla. Most of the time, I can ignore bad memories and traumas and move on without thinking.

“I don’t like to share my own life very much. In fact, I don’t really think about taking photos, I couldn’t make it a habit”, and the entire interview of Subasi, who answered the question about the use of social media, is in the September issue of Re Touch Mag.

Hazal Subasi Made A Statement About The Kasaba Doktoru (Town Doctor)!

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