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Hatice Sendil was the guest of Mag Magazine!


Hatice Sendil answered the questions of Mag Magazine. Returning to the screens after a long break, the beautiful actress Hatice Sendil, who appeared in front of the audience with the lead role of the series “Iyilik”, was the guest of the MAG November issue.

Hatice Sendil, a successful actress who impresses her with her modesty and discipline; She specifically answered MAG Readers about her philosophy of life, marriage, career and questions. The beautiful actress, who said, “When I returned to my profession, which I took a break for a while (about four years) after I became a mother, I understood more clearly how the industry grew and changed all of a sudden,” the beautiful actress continued: “On the other hand, being a mother also changed me. I felt I had to start somewhere without further delay; but the change in the industry, the effect of social media, my approaching the late thirties, created a new breaking idea.

Hatice Sendil Mag Magazine

I thought and felt as if what I had done so far was not with me and I had to start all over again. No matter what you do, you are seen as “finished” after a certain age. Also, people don’t know where to put the actress in their “forties”, as if they had retired from youth… I am even more real than before with the maturity in my eyes and the feelings I feed myself. As a result, whatever you do, you are compelled to be consumed quickly at the end of the day.”

How do Hatice Sendil and Burak Sagyasar spend time with each other in such a busy working order, what do they do? The beautiful actress also answered the question sincerely, “There are times when we can’t spare time. For example, I came home from the set and while I was giving these answers late at night, Burak is still working in another room. We are aware of the difficulties and challenging parts of our profession. We only exist once in our life. We did everything by working and this is a real satisfaction point for us. The energy and dynamic of our relationship is based on individual production. This is how we ensure our inner peace. This intensity brings us the excitement of sharing, high energy, understanding and fondness for each other. We have been together for thirteen years. We still dream about the future, we plan the trips we will make together. We spend time as a family at every opportunity during the day. Our son is the biggest love of both of us. When Burak looks at Can, he sees me; I also see him. Even though we can’t always be together, we always We can’t find much time to socialize right now, but traveling together is our most enjoyable and indispensable thing” open found on his llama.

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