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Hande Dogandemir talked about Hayat Bugun!


Hande Dogandemir, one of the leading actress of “Hayat Bugun”, talked about her new project and the preparation process for her role.

Hande Dogandemir summarized the preparation process as follows: “It is a special project that has been meticulously worked out. Even its creator, David Schulner, joined us during the rehearsal process. The story that started with Dr. Baris Guvener coming to Hisarönü Hospital as the chief physician, seems to have won the appreciation of everyone with the life stories, friendships and love stories of the doctors at the hospital, and different patient stories.”

Hande Dogandemir: “I think we like hospital dramas as a society. Hayat Bugun is realistic and tells about relationships in life, each of our main characters has very deep stories. I think their pasts, relationships, and communication with each other will make the audience more connected with each passing episode.”

Successful actress, especially she stated that he was very excited to play Dr. Bloom: “The character of Derin is a great luck for an actor, frankly, she was the character I followed with interest while watching the original and life brought her to me. First of all, that’s why I’m so excited. Derin is a multi-layered character. We talked to the producer and creator of the original, David, about the depth of Derin, and we tried to create it by addressing all of its features with our directors. The emergency medicine specialist of the deep hospital is under her management of the entire emergency, so I have very active and exciting scenes. She is an addicted character who came from a very problematic family and found her escape in becoming a doctor. While trying to cope with her addictions, we will watch him manage the emergency and her relationship with Aras. Before we started shooting, I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with our consultant doctors and emergency medicine specialists, it was a very productive process for me to observe.”

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