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Gulumse Kaderine 2nd Episode Photos and Summary


Gulumse Kaderine 2nd Episode photos and summary have been published. Fox TV’s new series Gulumse Kaderine will be on the screen with its second episode.

Gulumse Kaderine 2nd Episode Photos

Leaving the dormitory, Yaren and Eda end up in Istanbul. Eda tells Yaren that a job application has been accepted. In fact, he allows them to settle in the workplace and house that belong to Fırat.

While the girls are experiencing the excitement and happiness of starting a life in this house for the first time, Yaren learns that Eda lied to her, Eda and Yaren’s paths come to the point of separation.

What happened on Yaren’s birthday, on the other hand, will turn all their plans upside down and lead them to an unknown, while Yaren will drag them into the truths hidden from her past, which she does not know.

The second episode of Gulumse Kaderine is on Fox TV tonight at 20:00 Turkish time.

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