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Erkan Petekkaya: “Kadir was a big risk for me”


Kanal D’s TV series O Kiz, produced by Content House and getting full marks from the audience with every episode that comes to the screen, comes to the audience with its new episodes every Wednesday evening.

The master actor Erkan Petekkaya, who is always praised for the projects he takes part in and the characters he plays, gives life to Kadir, who, in his own words, is “risky and very difficult” in O Kiz.

Expressing that he had a hard time before saying yes to Kadir, the actor said, “It was a bit difficult, because it’s a very difficult role. I thought a lot from the first day I started. Shall I play? Should I not play? But I took this risk because I believed that they would add me as a professional in the end. It was actually a big risk. But I guess it wasn’t too bad. It will be even better. A very different, very difficult character. For Kadir, I worked a lot of things. I did research, I didn’t sleep for days and weeks. But I believe I have caught the right path.” said.

Referring to the fact that the story of O Kiz has just begun, the actor said: “I can’t say much about the story, but I can say that we are only at the beginning. Our story will expand more and open a lot. There are no knots or thaws.” said.

O Kiz is on Kanal D every Wednesday night with its exciting new episodes…

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