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Description of “Viola come il mare” by Can Yaman


Can Yaman started a new solidarity project with the association he founded in Italy, Can Yaman for Children, and started his tour of Italy on March 10 as part of the project called “Break the Wall Tour”.

The player, who has been on tour for the campaign for months, made a statement. Yaman posted on his social media account, “I will start working on the second season of “Viola Com il Mare” in a few days, so I will have to seriously reduce my travels to Italy. I will miss “Break the Wall Tour 2023″ so much, my team is already ready to complete the work we started. There will be more news and I will carry all the good times I had with you in my heart…”

Violet like the Sea (Viola come il mare), starring Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi, was broadcast on Mediaset’s most watched channel, Canale 5, in Italy, with its 12-episode season, between September and November 2022 and attracted great attention.

Can Yaman, who signed a contract for the new season, will receive 200 thousand euros per episode from the series.

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