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Concert offers are coming to Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan!


Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan, who plays the character of Yaman in the TV series “Emanet”, which is screened every weekday evening on Kanal 7, recently made a duet with Suat Aydoğan. The actor, who took an important step in music by singing the song he wrote hisself, said that while he has already received great attention from his fans, concert offers have also been received with the following words.

“Concert offers are already starting to come in. But I think there is a little more time for that, there are a few more songs in the coming months, the songs that I read myself, the lyrics and music of which belong to me, and then there may be surprises.”

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  1. Halil İbragim Ceyhan Fan says

    Wow, this is fantastic news! I can’t contain my excitement knowing that concert offers are coming to Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan. This is going to be an incredible opportunity to experience live music and create unforgettable memories. Thank you to the organizers for bringing such amazing events to our city. I can’t wait to attend and be swept away by the magic of music! Grace Rivera

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