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Can Yaman: “I had to work hard for the role of my life!”


The shooting of the Disney Plus series El Turco, in which Can Yaman gives life to the character of Ottoman raider Balaban Hasan, has been completed. The shooting of the Ay Yapım series, adapted from Orhan Yeniaras’s novel “El Turco”, took place in Budapest. Çisil Hazal Tenim and Kerem Deren are writing the script for the series, whose production design was made by Emmy Award-winning Domenico Sica. Uluç Bayraktar is the director.

Can Yaman, who returned to Italy after the completion of the shooting, shared, “After a difficult 7-month set life in Hungary, I came back to Italy. Since it is the role of my life, I had to work hard and show commitment to the end. The result is generally satisfactory already…

I’m still trying to recover from a few minor injuries and the fatigue accumulated throughout the course. I was stressed in many ways and finally the terrible disaster that happened in Turkey. I did my best to provide some relief for myself and for others in need.

Me and my team had already come up with this charity idea for when I needed to finish my trip in Budapest. Now it’s time to bring this project to life. It’s called the “Break the Wall Tour”. Embracing the psychologically suffering youth and part of the donations always goes to earthquake survivors.

These photos, taken in Hallstatt, are from the last and only weekend where I could rest my head and find peace with some valuable people before I fly back to Rome…”

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