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Busra left the house in Baba!


Busra left the house in Baba’s episode that aired last night. Kadir won a big trump card against İlhan in the new episode of Show TV’s series “Baba”, which was watched with interest by Ay Yapım. Serhan, the CEO, who was fired by İlhan, talked to Kadir about the Iranian Firuz, with whom İlhan was doing illegal work, and the jobs he carried out behind Firuz’s back. Kadir dared to protect his family and confronted Firuz and told him that İlhan was using his money. In the final, Firuz threatened İlhan in front of his father Ferit and demanded his money. With this move of Kadir, while İlhan was cornered, the course of the war between the two changed. Renan Bilek, the master actor who appeared before the audience with the character of Iranian Firuz and added color to the series, received great acclaim. On the other hand, Büşra, who could not stand the pressures of Ahmet and her family, left the house and went to Kadir.

In the sixth episode of Baba, which appeared on the screen last night; When Kadir decided to play the game by İlhan’s rules, the balances between the two changed. Iranian Firuz, who came to İlhan’s house, said that he learned everything before Ferit’s eyes and asked him to bring his money within a week. Deliren İlhan was shaken by Kadir’s phone while trying to understand what happened. Realizing that Kadir did everything, İlhan was shocked and made a mess of anger.

At that time, Büşra, whose eyes were swollen from crying, came to Kadir’s door. The young woman who came to her brother, who was the only person who protected her in life, said, “Will you take me with you?” she said. The final scene, where the two brothers hug each other tightly, touched the hearts of the audience as well.

Rough Reaction from Busra to Her Father

Büşra, who wanted to breathe as a result of Ahmet’s pressure, told everything to her mother in a crazy state. Unwittingly, she brought him closer to İlhan step by step. Büşra, who rebelled against Ahmet’s request for a child, found herself next to İlhan. When she came home, Büşra, who came to the end of her patience upon the words of Fazilet and Emin, left the house for the first time, opposing her parents, who did not protect her against Ahmet.

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