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Baran Bolukbasi Biography – Baran Bolukbasi Tv Series And Movies


Who is Baran Bolukbasi, where is he from, how old is he? Baran Bolukbasi Biography article with information about his life. His TV shows and movies. Age, height, weight, zodiac sign. YouTube, Twitter and Instagram address. Who is Yigit in Bir Peri Masali? Real name.

Who is Baran Bolukbasi? Baran Bolukbasi Biography

Baran Bolukbasi is a TV series and film actor. He is also a musician. Born on May 1, 1994 in Hatay, Baran Bolukbasi continues his university education at Beykent University, Department of Acting.

Baran Bolukbasi was born and raised in Hatay Iskenderun. His mother is a housewife and his father is a health worker. Part of his childhood was spent in Adana, partly in Antalya.

After high school, he entered Beykent University Conservatory in 2014 to study acting, which was his childhood dream. He studied acting at Antalya Replik Art Schools and Cüneyt Sayıl Acting Workshop.

In 2016, he crossed paths with his manager Ufuk Ergin. While studying at the university, he went to auditions from time to time. He gave an audition for Vatanim Sensin for the first time.

He started her acting career in 2017 with the Adi Efsane series. He played the character of Fikret Yurdakul in the series. Afterwards, he played the character of Tolga in the TV series Sevdanin Bahcesi, Korkmaz in the TV series Servet, Fırat Çağlar in the series Vuslat, Latif in the series Ogrenci Ev, and Emre in the series Son Nefesime Kadar. In 2021, he played the leading role in the movie Safak Vakti.

Nowadays, he gives life to the character of Yigit in the TV series “Bir Peri Masali”, which is broadcast on FOX TV. The young actor continues to take part in new projects within the Socia management agency.

Baran Bolukbasi, who has talents such as boxing, guitar, baglama, drums, vocals, music production, speaks English well. Baran Bolukbasi, originally from Iskenderun, is 1.75 m. tall, 71 kilos and a Taurus.

Baran Bolukbasi’s Social Media Accounts

As of September 11, 2022, he has 12,100 followers on his Twitter account and 184,000 followers on his blue-clicked Instagram account. He has 2,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Twitter address : baranbolukbasii

Instagram address : baranbolukbasii

YouTube address : Baran Bölükbaşı

Baran Bolukbasi Tv Series and Movies

Bir Peri Masali (Tv Series) / Yigit / 2022
Son Nefesime Kadar (Tv Series) / Emre / 2022
Kirmızi Oda (Tv Series) / 2021
Safak Vakti (Movie) / 2021
Ogrenci Evi (Exxen Series) / Latif / 2021
Vuslat (Tv Series) / Fırat Çağlar / 2019-2020
Servet (Tv Series) / Korkmaz / 2018
Sevda’nin Bahcesi (Tv Series) / Tolga / 2017
Adi Efsane (Tv Series) / Fikret Yurdakul / 2017

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