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The Cast And Theme Of Bir Peri Masali Series – New Turkish Series 2022 Fox


Who are the actors and actress of Bir Peri Masali series? What is the subject of the new series Bir Peri Masali? Which channel? When will it start?

The shooting of Bir Peri Masali series has started. Most of the players in the main roster have been announced. However, other actors in the series will be announced in the coming days. The first episode of the series is expected to be broadcast on FOX TV television channel towards the end of September.

Produced by Medyapım, the cast of the series includes names such as Alina Boz, Tarik Emir Tekin, Nazan Kesal, Hazal Filiz Kücükköse, Tülin Ece, Mustafa Mert Koc, Baran Bölükbaşı, Kadir Çermik, Şener Savaş, Okan Urun, Canan Atalay and Müfit Kayacan. . The producer of the series is Med Production. Cagil Bocut and Merve Colak sit in the director’s chair. The screenwriter is Deniz Akcay. The highly anticipated debut of “Bir Peri Masali” also met with the audience.

Theme of the Bir Peri Masali

In Bir Peri Masali series, the story of Zeynep, who always thinks she deserves more and dreams of a luxurious life, will be discussed.

The series, which is about the effort of a babysitter named Zeynep, to open a new page in her life with the large amount of money she accidentally got, is expected to attract great attention.

Zeynep is a beautiful girl who cannot read due to financial difficulties and has to babysit. Zeynep’s father is an alcoholic man who is addicted to horse racing. Zeynep will find a huge amount of money on her birthday. Zeynep will give a big test in her rich life.

Zeynep, who uses the money she finds to make herself rich, will make the Köksal family a target. “Tarik Emir Tekin”, the eldest son of the family, will give life to Hazal Filiz Küçükköse, the eldest daughter of the family’s father, Hamit, from his second marriage to Şahika (Nazan Kesal), Neslihan. Tülin Ece will play the other daughter of Şahika, whom she named Ümit before she was born with the dream of becoming a boy. Ümit will come to the fore in the series as a character who pursues his dreams despite his mother’s ambitions.

Mustafa Mert Koç is the actor who will give life to Zafer, one of the heirs of the Köksal family, in the series, whose script was written based on Lao Tzu’s saying “We win by losing, we lose by winning”.

Müfit Kayacan will give life to Hamit, one of the important roles in “A Fairy Tale”. Hamit Köksal, the owner of a large holding, is the father of Onur, Neslihan and Ümit in the series. Onur (Tarık Emir Tekin) is Hamit’s son from his first marriage and there is a great civil war in the family.

The Cast of Bir Peri Masali

Alina Boz (Zeynep)
Taro Emir Tekin (Onur Köksal)
Nazan Kesal (Şahika Köksal)
Tülin Ece (Ümit)
Hazal Filiz Küçükköse (Neslihan Köksal)
Baran Bölükbaşı (Yiğit)
Kadir Çermik (Samet)
Müfit Kayacan (Hamit Köksal)
Mustafa Mert Koç (Zafer)
Şener Savaş
Okan Urun (Merih)
Canan Atalay (Filiz)
Merve Oflaz

The Release Date Of Bir Peri Masali Series Has Been Announced

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