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Akin Akinozu shared the music list on the Russian platform!


Akin Akinozu, who gave life to the character of Umut in the TV series “Tuzak”, which recently met with the audience on TV8 screens, continues to attract great attention abroad.

Akin Akinozu became the advertising face of the Russian digital broadcasting platform IVI in April. In Akin Akinozu’s commercial, the actor appears on a horse at a fan’s house and says “Merhaba(Hello)” in Turkish.

This time, the famous name shared a music list on IVI, where he is the face of the advertisement. In the description of the list, “Romantic adventures and real drama in the heart of Istanbul will be very easy with the songs that your favorite Turkish actor has prepared for you.” expressions are used.

Click for Akin Akinuzu’s Music List.

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