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A new era begins in Evlilik Hakkinda Her Sey!


Evlilik Hakkinda Her Sey, Baris Kilic included in the staff of the series. A new name has joined the cast of FOX’s popular TV series “vlilik Hakkinda Her Sey”, signed by MF Production, whose screenplay was adapted by Seda Çalışır Karaoğlu, Toprak Karaoğlu and Halil Ersan, with Yusuf Pirhasan in the director’s chair.

The handsome actor Barış Kılıç will be included in the series, whose new episode is eagerly awaited every Tuesday, with the character of Efe Avcı. He is a talented and highly successful family law lawyer who comes from a wealthy family, is free from ambition, knows how to live well and enjoy life. Efe, who can communicate quickly with everyone, is also a man with a talent for establishing relationships with women. She knows she’s handsome and doesn’t hesitate to use it when needed, she. For him, trying to struggle with life is as meaningless as clinging to life even though you know that you will die.

In the cast of “Evlilik Hakkinda Her Sey!”; Gökçe Bahadır, Barış Kılıç, Sarp Akkaya, Gökçe Eyüboğlu, Serkan Altunorak, Tülin Ece, Bertan Aslani, Deniz Gündoğdu, Burcu Söyler, Ufuk Özdemir, Alara Turan, Esma Yılmaz, Rüzgar Doruk Özmil, Ela Naz Koçak and Erdal Küçükkömürcü and Sumru Yavrucuk. There are successful names from each other.

“Evlilik Hakkinda Her Sey!” is on FOX with its new episode every Tuesday at 20:00.

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