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Who is who in the TV series Aldatmak?


Aldatmak, one of the most ambitious projects of the new season, on the ATV screen, produced by TIMS&B Productions and produced by Timur Savcı and Burak Sağyaşar, will be in front of the audience with its first episode tonight.

Directed by Murat Saraçoğlu and written by the master writer Yıldız Tunç, Aldatmak aroused great curiosity before it started broadcasting with its striking story. In the series, which will reveal the cracks in the Yenersoy family, the character of Güzide, played by Vahide Percin, will come face to face with her family.

The characters of the series, which will be talked about with its legendary staff, are as follows;

GUZIDE YENERSOY (VAHIDE PERCIN): A distinguished, family court judge who is fond of her family but can be distant and cold at times, trembling, strict, prescriptive and never deviating from her truths. He maintains his authority in the courthouse at home as well. Güzide, who has been married to Tarık for thirty years, does not make any concessions to her family in almost anything, and believes that she knows the right way, has two children named Oylum and Ozan. All the truths he thinks he knows about his family and life will be destroyed by a single coincidence.

ALI SEZAI OKUYAN (ERCAN KESAL): Sezai is a very successful lawyer who has law offices in Nevşehir and Ankara. He is a poet and literature lover, separated from his wife, and a father of two children. Güzide and Tarık are friends from school. Even though they had a very close friendship at the time, Güzide and Tarık moved away from the group when they became lovers. Thirty years later, when his path crosses again with Güzide, a brand new page will open in his life.

TARIK YENERSOY (MUSTAFA UGURLU): Güzide’s husband, Tarık, is a successful, charismatic lawyer who owns a law firm of his own. Although there is no visible problem between them and Güzide, there is a tiredness brought on by years in their marriage. Tarık has been keeping a big secret from his family for years, and his life will be turned upside down when this secret is revealed.

OZAN YENERSOY (YUSUF CIM): Tarık and Güzide’s son, Ozan, is a young civil engineer who has an eye for the best in everything. He complains about working too much and wants to get rich as soon as possible and live a luxurious life. His enthusiasm for achieving the life he desires in an easy way will cause great problems for him.

OLTAN KASIFOGLU (CEM BENDER): Tarık’s close friend, client and mentor, Oltan is a very wealthy, old-fashioned businessman who owns a construction company. Even if there is no mafia, he does not hesitate to use people who are in a difficult situation to do illegal things.

OYLUM YENERSOY (FEYZA SEVIL GUNGOR): The beautiful and intelligent daughters of Güzide and Tarık, Oylum was enrolled in medical school as a result of her mother’s insistence, but her biggest dream is to become a world-famous dancer. Oylum has the courage to follow her dreams even at the cost of hiding many things from her family, but things will not go as she planned.

TOLGA KASIFOGLU (CANER SAHİN): Oltan Kaşifoğlu’s son, Tolga, is a handsome, new generation business person who is an expert in security software, owns a start-up company. He makes a lot of money, spends it well and lives a very good life. Although he is not stable in his love life, his life will go in a completely different direction when he meets true love.

ÜMİT ÖZGÜDER (CEM SÜRGİT): Güzide’s chemist brother Ümit is cheerful, witty, light windmill, married and has a daughter. He’s after small accounts, but he knows where he is without making it uncomfortable. Güzide has always been a mother to him rather than a sister.

YESIM DENIZEREN (ASENA GIRISKEN): She is a domestic, warm woman from Antalya, a high school dropout, who grew up in a small town. Yeşim, who has a five-year-old daughter named Öykü, is content with her happy and orderly life, unaware that her life is woven with lies.

NAZAN TOKLUCA (MELTEM BAYTOK): Güzide’s close friend from university, Nazan, is a judge like Güzide. Güzide’s best friend and confidant, whom she sometimes gives advice and sometimes takes advice from. Nazan, who is almost a family member, has never been married and is the spiritual aunt of Ozan and Oylum.

Plot: A distinguished family court judge, fond of her family, but distant and strict at times, trembling on the ground where she steps on, rule-making and never deviating from her truth. She maintains her authority in the courthouse at home as well. Güzide, who has been married to Tarık for thirty years, does not make any concessions to her family in almost anything, and believes that she knows the right way, has two children named Oylum and Ozan. Since he has willingly made great sacrifices for his family for years, she deserves to be the judge of his family. Behind all this rigidity, she has a great love for her family and children. However, all the facts about her family and life that he thinks she knows to be true will suddenly be destroyed as a result of a coincidence.

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