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Unforgettable Turkish TV series: Top 10 Turkish TV series


Unforgettable Turkish TV series, which have a worldwide reputation, manage to get everyone from 7 to 70 in front of the screen. These productions, which have made a place in the memories, continue to maintain their importance even after a certain period of time.

Yedi Numara

The comedy series, which was broadcast in 2000-2003, managed to become one of the most popular productions in the history of Turkish TV series. The series, which is about the adventures of 4 girls from different parts of the country, 2 boys from the country, and an unemployed young person who follows these students from different parts of the country, is about the cultural differences of the students. Number 7 was remembered as a production in which people with different lifestyles lived under one roof and the emotional comedy was successfully reflected.

Unforgettable Turkish TV Series


Growing up like a brother in Kuyudibi Neighborhood; It was about Ecevit, Bilal, İbrahim and Zeki being imprisoned as a result of a mistake they made when they were children. But that wasn’t what kept people off the screen. The fact that these little children were beaten and raped while in prison, and the persecution they suffered, made people tear up at every episode. After these four are released from prison, they make a promise to each other not to remember these bad events and move on with their lives, never to meet again. However, after a while, the silence is broken and events begin.

Süper Baba

It is not possible to make a list of Turkish TV series and not include Super Baba. A life story starring Baba Fikret: Super Dad. Fikret does not listen to the voice of his feelings and enters the world marriage not with İpek, but with a wealthy woman, Şule. Unable to forget İpek, Fikret leaves Şule and starts living with his 3 children. Finding himself in a difficult life, the father almost tears himself apart to take care of his children, but always catches a setback. The TV series set in Çengelköy is among the best of the time.


The series, about the lives of seven families living in the same apartment, started in 1989 and continued until 2002. The series, which is a sitcom, also reflects the relationships of seven different families with each other very well. The reason why the series was so popular was that the audience associated themselves with a character as if they lived in that apartment. The main characters of the series are Sabri Bey, who is very meticulous, and Cafer, who is open-eyed. The series, which lasted 458 episodes, has managed to become one of the classics.

İşler Güçler

Three close friends embark on a challenging adventure of acting, and many events happen to them along the way. While Ahmet was an actor who played a leading role in his time, he never got that chance again. Murat always thinks that he did not get the value he deserved, even though he was late in the acting industry. Sadi, on the other hand, has risked everything to become an actress and quits her duty as a customs officer. These friends want to get together and shoot their own movies, but they cannot find the producer they are looking for. They agree to host the documentary “Profession Stories” because they need to earn money, and this job becomes a problem for them.

Unforgettable Turkish TV Series

Avrupa Yaksı

It is a sitcom series that took place in Nişantaşı and made its name among the legends. In the series about the life of the Sütçüoğlu family, brothers Volkan and Aslı are in a constant fight and bickering. Father Tahsin and mother İffet, on the other hand, are the opposite of their children and are calm-loving types. Burhan Altıntop, with his colorful and different personality, is one of the unforgettable characters in the series, which is about the adventures of the employees of the fashion magazine “European Side”, where Aslı, the daughter of the house, works. The series with many colorful characters is among the most popular comedy series.

Behzat Ç.

Behzat C. One of the most loved and hit TV series of its time. The main hero of the story, Behzat Ç. He graduated from the academy in 1985 and started to work in the Homicide department. Behzat, who served as the chief inspector, and other police officers in his annex; Vulture pursues the murders in Ankara with Harun, Ghost, Eda, Emre, Selim, Cevdet. The comics experienced during the resolution and interrogation phases of the events have been the main reason why the series has been so popular.

Leyla ile Mecnun

A boy and a girl baby born on the same day in the same hospital are admitted to the same place when there are no empty beds in the hospital. One of these babies is called Mecnun and the other is Leyla. Their families, on the other hand, believe that this is not a coincidence, and their children make cradle notches. 25 years have passed since this event and Leyla continues her successful education life at Istanbul University. Mecnun is studying in from the far. After a while, the families explain the situation and, albeit reluctantly, Majnun goes to ask for the girl. Although the families argue during the request, Majnun falls for Leyle and the events begin. In the series, which is the most loved production of the absurd comedy and broke the viewing records; Erdal Grocery, İsmail Abi, Thief Yavuz, İskender Baba and Little Bearded Dede are also writing funny stories. Aksakallı Dede, who entered Majnun’s dreams, also causes funny events to overflow from his dreams.

Aşk-ı Memnu

After the death of İnci Hanım, the wife of Adnan Bey, a wealthy businessman, his children, Nihal and Bülent, begin to live in the mansion. He takes Mademoiselle with his children to continue their education in the Ziyagil mansion. Adnan Ziyagil fell in love with the young Bihter Yöroğlu and got married in this process. Bihter, who took her mother with her and settled in the mansion, became close to Adnan Bey’s niece Behlül after a while. Behlül, on the other hand, settles in the mansion after a while and he falls in love with Bihter. This forbidden love also prepares for a terrible end.


Omer, who leads a quiet life in his father’s small workshop, is preparing to marry his lover Eyşan after his military service. However; A murder happens and Ömer is imprisoned all of a sudden. Uncle Ramiz, whom he met in prison, became his mentor and even his second father. Ömer gets plastic surgery and turns into Ezel in order not to be recognized after prison. Ezel, who is aware that a game is being played against him; Eyşan follows his best friend Cengiz and Ali, whom he calls his brother. The series in the triangle of mafia, love and money has left its mark on the history of Turkish TV series as a great revenge series.

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