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The Town Doctor is highly watched again!


TRT 1’s new series ‘Town Doctor’ aired on Friday, April 29, with its fourth episode. ‘Town Doctor’, which attracted great attention with its different story, interesting characters and rich cast, managed to become the most watched TV series on Friday in the EU and 20+ABC1 rating categories with its fourth episode, and was among the most talked about social media with the #GeçmişinSırrı hashtag.

In the fourth episode of ‘Town Doctor’, Ömer learned that Kemal Demir, whom he had been looking for for years, was Hakan Hodja, with whom his star had never reconciled, and his first job was to reject the offer from Private Gümüşok Hospital. When Ömer returned to his duty after this decision, he was greeted with great joy by the entire hospital team. Leyla, who saw Ömer in front of her, tried not to show it, although she was happy about this situation.

While Hakan Hodja was taking care of the hospital, he started making plans for Erol Gümüşok’s surgery. Yalçın had no intention of leaving this surgery to Hakan Hodja. Yalçın, who put all his plans into action, was shocked by Ömer’s decision.

Yalçın sent Murat and Berk to Uluçınar Hospital this time to persuade Ömer. Bülent, who went with the duo, had to face Hakan. Despite all the pressures of Yalçın, Hakan, who did not take a step back, almost defied.

A bad surprise was waiting for Ömer, who thought that everything was fine and was waiting to meet with Leyla. Omer, who witnessed Berk suddenly confessing his love to Leyla, experienced a great disappointment.

‘Town Doctor’ is on TRT 1 with its new episode every Friday…

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