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The Subject and Cast of the Kasaba Doktoru Series


We have listed the subject and cast of the Kasaba Doktoru Series for you. Information about the Kasaba Doktoru series, which will start soon on Trt 1 screens;

The Subject of the Kasaba Doktoru Series;

Ömer comes to the Private Gümüşok hospital, where he lost his father years later, wearing a white coat. While a fierce competition among doctors continues in the hospital, which includes many famous doctors of the country, Dr. Ömer, who shines like a star with his intelligence and dexterous hands, It doesn’t take long for him to fall in love with Leyla.

Ömer, on the one hand, opens new doors for him and enables him to become a doctor, who he sees as his savior, while searching for Dr. Kemal, on the other hand, he makes everything he has to join the surgeon’s staff. It will not take long for Ömer and Doctor Kemal to meet.

Kasaba Doktoru Cast

Hazal Subasi (Leyla)
Ozan Akbaba (Ali)
Deniz Can Aktas (Ömer)
Vildan Atasever (Mine)
Sinan Albayrak (Yalçın)
Özgün Karaman (Bora)
Barış Yıldız (Turgut)
Sinan Demirer (İhsan)

Kasaba Doktoru Cast
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