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The Most Watched Turkish Series Abroad


What are the most watched Turkish series abroad? Turkish TV series, which broke records in many countries from Europe to the Middle East, from America to the Balkans, became a part of social life in the world. Turkish-made serials watched in more than 70 countries were watched by 500 million viewers in total.

From the Middle East and the Balkans, from South America to Europe, we have compiled for you the most watched Turkish TV series that have conquered seven worlds. Here are the most watched Turkish TV series abroad!

1- The Magnificent Century (Muhtesem Yuzyil)

The Magnificent Century (Muhtesem Yuzyil) took its place at the top of the list. The actors, who became famous thanks to the series, announced their names to the world.

2- Ezel

The acting of Kenan İmirzalıoğlu and Cansu Dere, combined with the great script, was watched with interest in many countries from South American countries to the Balkans. Adaptations have been made in some countries.

3- Forbidden Love (Ask-i Memnu)

Forbidden Love (Ask-i Memnu) , which broke rating records at the time it was broadcast, continued to be watched with interest in the continuation episodes after the final episode. Its repetitions still attract great attention in Turkey. As the final episode is published, social media is also on the agenda.

4- Sila

Sila, which is followed with interest especially in European and Arab countries, showed its success in these regions in South American countries as well. The lead role, Cansu Dere, became popular like Hollywood stars in the countries where the series was broadcast. Cansu Dere had a huge fan base in Spain with her latest series, Sadakatsiz.

5- Time Goes By (Oyle Bir Gecer Zaman Ki)

Time Goes By (Oyle Bir Gecer Zaman Ki) has become very popular in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Greece. Erkan Petekkaya, Aras Bulut Iynemli, Farah Zeynep Abdullah made a strong impression with their acting in the series.

6- Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne?

Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne? series broke the watch records in India and Pakistan, especially in South America and Middle East countries, which are similar to Turkey in terms of social structure. It is also among the TV series that were adapted abroad.

7- Medcezir

Medcezir, one of the Turkish series watched with interest abroad, broke ratings records in Latvia, Lithuania, Irna, Georgia, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Chile, Romania and many Arab countries. Medcezir, the Turkish adaptation of the American-made TV series The O.C, was also watched with great interest in Turkey.

8- 1001 Nights (Binbir Gece)

The TV series 1001 Nights (Binbir Gece) was watched with interest in European and South American countries. Chile, Colombia, Peru, Hungary, Indonesia, Russia and Poland are just a few of these countries.

9- Broken Pieces (Paramparca)

Broken Pieces (Paramparca) has a different story as it was sold to foreign countries before it was completed. Macedonia, Croatia, Romania, Greece, Argentina, Brazil and Chile are among the countries where it is published. At the time of publication, it had been sold to more than 50 countries. It was watched with great interest both in Turkey and abroad. Ebru Ozkan and Erkan Petekkaya take the lead roles. Also, Alina Boz had great success with this series.

10- Gumus

85 million people watched the finale of the Gumus series, which made Kivanc Tatlıtug and Songül Öden famous in the Middle East. The reruns of the series are also watched with interest.

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    I’m interested in more of the Ottoman history with the amazing scenes ,stunning wardrobe of costumes and English subtitles.

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