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The Cast And Subject Of Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam Series – New Turkish Series 2022 Atv


What is the subject of the “Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam” series? Who are the cast Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam? Who is who in the series? Which actors play which characters? Where was I Don’t Fit In This World filmed? When will it start on which channel? We have prepared a detailed article with answers to all these questions for you. In addition, we have added the addresses to the end of our article so that you can reach the social media accounts of the directory. Here are all the details about Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam series…

The series starring Oktay Kaynarca is eagerly awaited. The players in the cast are curious. Although the promotional video trailer video has not been published yet, many YouTube channels are already sharing videos with various images about the series. The cast of the series has been clarified and the shooting continues. Here are the details about the series…

Where is Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam Filmed? When will it start?

Güzel Adamlar Medya is the producer of the series, whose project design and general story was created by Oktay Kaynarca and Onur Tan. Yusuf Reha Alp, Mahinur Ergun and Ali Can Yaraş write the script of the series, in which Onur Tan sits in the director’s chair. After a long preliminary work, the team that went on the set worked meticulously on many details from costumes to venues, from art to technique. After filming in Istanbul, the team went to Samarkand and Bukhara, the capital of the silk road and also the capital of 16 states in world history, to shoot the parts of the story set abroad. Filming is currently underway. The team, which will return to Istanbul after the shootings in Uzbekistan, will continue shooting. The broadcast date of the series has not been announced yet, but the first episode is expected to be broadcast in early September at the latest.

The Subject of the Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam Series

In Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam, the series of ATV that is preparing to leave its mark on the screen, the revenge of the Algerian Turk, who comes from a deep-rooted and powerful family, takes the revenge of his brother, who worked for the state and fell victim to a sabotage. He starts a new life by showing that he died for the sake of the state and the safety of his family. Algeria Turk meets Firuze, one of the doctors who knows no borders as a result of an injury during the ongoing operations abroad. Although he misses his wife and family, he knows that he will never return to them. Algeria, who fell in love with Firuze and started a family again, is deciphered after a while and has to return to life, to Istanbul. However, neither his new family nor his family, who have missed him for years and prayed at his grave, are aware of these developments. Istanbul, which he left behind by entrusting him, will appear before him as a completely different Istanbul.

The Cast of the Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam Series

While the cast of Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam strengthened with ambitious players, important names such as Ebru Ozkan, Pelin Akil, Ali Seçkiner Alici, Hakan Karahan, Erkan Sever, Ragıp Savaş joined the cast.

Oktay Kaynarca (Cezayir)
Ebru Ozkan (Leyla)
Pelin Akil (Firuze)
Ali Seçkiner Alıcı (Kurban Baba)
Hakan Karahan (Dumrul)
Erkan Sever (Orhan)
Ragıp Savaş (Atakan)
Gülenay Kalkan Ünlüoğlu (Elmas)
Eren Vurdem (Azamet)
Aslı Sevi (Azade)
Kerem Kupacı (Ethem)
Ziya Kürküt (Bekir)
Pelin Uluksar (Süheyla)
Mina Derman (Suna)
Batuhan Sezer (Ömer Asaf)
Değer Alp (Canan)
Başak Kıvılcım Ertanoğlu (Zühre)
Burcu Binici (Meltem)
Ömer Kurt (Kerim)
Mert Kırlak (George Bagnall)
Ahmet Yıldırım (Cafer)
Tanıl Yöntem (Canberk)
Doruk Öztürk (Şamil)
Osman Albayrak (Beyler Divanı Azer)
Melisa Duru Ünal (Mercan)
Aylar Melayeva (Sevim)
Hanbey Oğuzhan Çoban (Besim)
Işıl Yücesoy (Gülendam)

Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam Social Media Accounts
Twitter Address: benbucihanatv
Instagram Address: benbucihanatv
Facebook Address: benbucihanatv

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