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Yazgi 16th Episode Trailer with English Subtitles


Yazgi will be on the screen with its 16th episode on Monday. Yazgi 16th episode trailer with English subtitles has been released.

Produced by Acun Medya, starring Erkan Meric, Yagmur Ozturk, Alper Türedi, Elvan Boran, Ceren Yavuz, Numan Cakir, Buket Dereoglu, Halil Ibrahim Yilmaz, Hülya Diken, Cem Baza, Ufuk Kaplan and Yasemin Öztürk. Hakan Şahin and Filiz Polat Turan, with screenplay by İbrahim Güler, Melek Ordu, Erdal Bektaş, Pınar Ordu, Evren E. Ulucan, Tufan Bora, Gülseren Aydın, Ali Göğebakan and Yaşar Aksu, “Yazgi” is on TV8 every day for the week. will meet the audience on the screens.

“Yazgi” is on TV8 every weekday.

Yazgi 16th Episode Trailer

English Subtitles

Kerime (Elvan Boran) : Does the name Yusuf Ustabaş remind you of something?

Umut (Erkan Meric) : Look, while you are lingering in the hope of finding something, you see that time is passing.

Dunya (Yagmur Ozturk): Let it pass. I don’t even care. They cut off the electricity of a child connected to the machine. From now on, even if it takes years, I will not let it go. But you don’t have to. You don’t have to come.

Umut (Erkan Meric) : No dear. I’m not coming because I have to. I’m coming because I want to be by your side.

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