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Who will be Can Yaman’s partner in El Turco?


Who is Can Yaman’s partner in El Turco? Can Yaman’s Ay Yapım series “El Turco” is eagerly awaited. Continuing his career in Italy, Can Yaman’s series “El Turco”, which will be shot for Disney Plus, will start shooting in September. Kerem Deren wrote the series that Ay Yapım will shoot in English and Uluç Bayraktar will direct it. In the series, which will be shot in Hungary, most of the crew, including the cinematographer, will consist of foreign names. Can Yaman will give life to Yenicer Hasan Balaban, nicknamed El Turco. Yaman, who has many fans all over the world, has been preparing for the role for a long time. The heroic epic of the Ottoman soldier, whose life he saved, has been turned into a legend by the Italians, which has been told for centuries, will be immortalized once again with the series.

El Turco universe will be created

Can Yaman’s partner was the subject of curiosity in the series, in which an Emmy-winning casting director took charge. For El Turco’s Gloria, 26-year-old Italian star Greta Ferro is in talks. The story of Hasan Balaban, nicknamed ‘Balaban’, a bird of prey because he is much larger and stronger than his peers, will not be limited to this series alone. Disney Plus will create an “El Turco” universe and will also sign the spinn of the project.

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