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Who is Kaan Tasaner? Kaan Tasaner Biography – Who is Mert in the Gecenin Ucunda series ?


Who is Kaan Tasaner, how old is he? TV series, age, height, weight, zodiac sign, lover. Kaan Tasaner Biography article with information about his life. Instagram address. Who is Mert in the Gecenin Ucunda Series? Real name.

Kaan Tasaner Biography

Kaan Tasaner is a Turkish TV series and theater actor. He is the son of theater artist Sacide Tasaner. He was born on April 23, 1979 in Antalya. He is a graduate of Konya Selcuk University Conservatory Acting Department.

He took his first step into acting with the theater play called Darkness First Light Kubilay. Then he took the stage in various plays until 2004. He had his first on-camera acting experience with the television series The Big Meeting.

In the following years, she continued her acting career with theater.What is Fatmagül’s Crime, which was broadcast on Kanal D between 2010 and 2012? He accepted the role of Erdoğan Yaşaran in the TV series, and thus, he made his name known for the first time in a continuous and important project. He was chosen as the 2nd Best Actor in a poll conducted on Kanal D in 2012.

In 2013, he played the role of Seref Komser in the TV series Kuzey Guney. Again in 2013, he met with the audience with the character of “Kemal Özdemir” in the TV series “Kayip” in which he took the leading roles. In 2016, she took part in the TV series Rengarenk with the character of Can. He gave life to the character of “Gündoğdu Bey” in the TV series “Dirilis Ertugrul”, in which he played the leading roles between 2014 and 2018. In 2018, he played the character of “Erkan Sarpkaya” in the TV series “Sahin Tepesi”. In the TV series “Mehmetcik Kut’ul Amare”, which was also published in 2018, he received great acclaim with the character “Suleyman Asker” in the lead role. In 2020-2021, he met the audience in two different roles with the characters of Markus and Mathias in the TV series “Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu”.

In 2021, he gave life to the character of Yavuz in the TV series Lawless Lands. Since 2022, he plays the character of Mert in the TV series “Gecenin Ucunda”, which has been broadcast on Star TV. The successful actor continues to take part in new projects.

Kaan Tasaner Lover’s, Height, Weight, Sign

Kaan Tasaner and his girlfriend Seray Dura

Kaan Tasaner, a Taurus, is 1.74 m. tall and 75 kg. His girlfriend is Seray Dura. Cem Tatlıtug is the manager of Kaan Tasaner. As of September 14, 2022, he has 151,000 followers on his official Instagram account. Instagram address: kaantasaner

Kaan Tasaner TV Series

2004 / Büyük Bulusma
2005 / Besinci Boyut – Galip
2007 / Hakkini Helal Et
2008 / Kendi Okulumuza Dogru – Ozan
2010-2012 / Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne? – Erdogan Yasaran
2012-2013 / Kuzey Guney – Komiser Seref
2013-2014 / Kayıp – Kemal Ozdemir
2014-2016, 2019 / Dirilis Ertugrul – Gundogdu Bey
2016 / Rengarenk – Can
2018 / Mehmetcik Kut’ul Amare – Suleyman Askeri
2018 / Sahin Tepesi – Erkan Sarpkaya
2020-2021 / Uyanis: Büyük Selcuklu – Mithras / Marcus
2021-2022 / Kanunsuz Topraklar – Yavuz
2022 / Gecenin Ucunda – Mert

Kaan Tasaner’s Theater Games

1998 – Karanlikta Ilk Isik Kubilay
2000 – Asiye Nasil Kurtulur?
2001 – Deli Dumrul
2003 – Vanya Dayı
2004 – Soyut Padisah
2005 – Ana Hanim Kiz Hanim
2006 – Buzlar Cözülmeden
2009 – Eros Pansiyon
2012 – Babamin Cesetleri
2018 – Esaretin Bedeli

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