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Turkish Vampire TV Series: 11 Things You Should Know About The Yasamayanlar (Immortals)


We have compiled for you about the Turkish Vampire TV series The Yasamayanlar (Immortals) . They’re not just the ones that come out at night, but the vampires that live among us all the time. They’ve been here for centuries.

Let’s witness the war of humans and vampires together 💉

1- The first thing to say about the Yasamayanlar (Immortals): Turkey’s first vampire TV series

For years, we watched all kinds of vampires in foreign productions. This time, a vampire series is coming from us, with a world-class production.

2- The series begins with Mia being bitten by a vampire in Thessaloniki. Coming to Istanbul in a coffin, Mia meets other vampires and the story develops.

The shooting of the series is done in various parts of Istanbul. Maybe if you’re a good kid, you might run into a vampire on your way home. 🧛

3- Dissatisfied with being a vampire, Mia wants to reunite with humanity with the blood of the vampire who transformed herself.

4- The cleverly constructed and striking scenario belongs to Şamil Yılmaz.

Let’s see how the war between Humans, Hunters and Vampires will progress.

5- And the director of the series is Alphan Eşeli, who is also the director of Ezel’s “Geceler” music video.

We know Eşeli from the international awards he won for the films he shot, and as the director of the ‘Procedure’ episode of the blutv special series 7YÜZ.

6- Alphan Eşeli has already established a mini universe of the Unlived with the clip he shot before the series…

Scenes from the lives of Vampires and Hunters, moments of encounter, people bitten on the street…

Even towards the end, we saw the hashtag #Yaşamayalar as a teaser at the bottom of the clip.

7- The cinematographer of the series, Tariel Meliava, creates images that will drag the audience into this mysterious and exciting universe.

Turkish Vampire TV Series

8- Elcin Sangu wanted to take part in this series so much that she agreed to a big change in her image by cutting her beautiful long hair.

9- Those who did not live bring us together again with Kerem Bursin, whose face we have been longing for for a while.

10- Another name we haven’t seen in television productions for a long time, Birkan Sokullu, is in the cast.

Turkish Vampire TV Series

11- Yasamayanlar(Immortals); He is ready to satisfy our eyes and our hearts with his strong acting and visual richness.

Now vampires are with us in Istanbul. Turkey’s first vampire series, Yaşamayanlar, is on blutv! In some countries, they can be watched on Netflix.

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