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The New Trailer of the Kirli Sepeti Series Has Been Released!


The new trailer of the Kirli Sepeti series, which will start this season, has been released on Fox TV. There are master names in the cast of the series, which will soon start on Fox TV screens.

The subject of the Kirli Sepeti series; In the series, which deals with the intertwined lives of the servants and their employers working in a boutique site in one of the rich neighborhoods of Istanbul; We also witness the great gap between the above and the below. Your love, your secrets, your lies, and the three women who, in spite of all this, have given up on each other; We will watch his story that sometimes makes you cry and sometimes laugh in Kirli Sepeti…

You can watch the second trailer of the Kirli Sepeti series here.

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  1. Minerva Sorian says

    I wish you success as Murat, Halil Bey! You are a very good actor, congratulations!

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