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The Cast And Subject Of Guzel Gunler Series – New Turkish Series 2022 Show Tv


Who are the actors and actress of the Guzel Gunler series? Who are the names in the cast of the series? What is the theme of Guzel Gunler? When and on which channel will it start? The answers to all these questions are currently being asked. Here is the latest information about the new series.

The new TV series project “Guzel Gunler”, produced by TMC and produced by Erol Avcı, will soon meet with the audience.

The Subject of Guzel Gunler Series

It will bring to the screen the story of the immortal love whispered in the ears of Selma and Mihran on the day they were born, the secrets behind this love, and a warm, fun and cheerful family that embraces them.

The Cast of Guzel Gunler

Leyla Tanlar (Selma)
Burak Dakak (Mihran)
Binnur Kaya
Ecem Erkek
Zeynep Camci
Yıldıray Sahinler
Olgun Toker
Orkuncan İzan
Duygu Köse
Seray Gözler
Oya İloğulları

When Will Guzel Gunler Begin?

The Guzel Gunler series will air on Show TV on Sunday, November 6, 2022.

Guzel Gunler Trailer (With English Subtitles)

Leyla Tanlar (Selma): Let’s see, Istanbul passengers, we are ready.

Little Girl : We are ready.

Binnur Kaya (Kısmet): My Mihran. The bundle is ready for the evening. Gifts are also ready. We don’t have anything else.

Ecem Erkek (Füsun) : We have too many.

Burak Dakak (Mihran) : what more?

Olgun Toker (Atakan) : Ram

Girl : Dad this is looking at us

Dad: Yes, it is looking.

Burak Dakak (Mihran) : Is it Selma?

Ecem Erkek (Füsun) : Who came?

Binnur Kaya (Kısmet) : Is it her?

Ecem Erkek (Füsun) : Who?

Binnur Kaya (Kısmet) : Girl get out of here.

Ecem Erkek (Füsun) : Oh

Zeynep Çamcı (Altan) : Why don’t they want to see you?

Leyla Tanlar (Selma): There is an old story.

Ecem Erkek (Füsun) : how old was she?

Binnur Kaya (Kısmet) : As much as my sister.

Ecem Erkek (Füsun) : Ooo old lady.

Binnur Kaya (Kısmet) : God take my life too.

Old Lady : Amen.

Ecem Erkek (Füsun) : Girl, my face my eyes. I’m going to explode.

Yıldıray Şahinler : He is the master of Menemen.

Binnur Kaya (Kısmet) : Menemen?


Binnur Kaya (Kısmet) : Feyyaz!

Burak Dakak (Mihran) : Is that the legacy?

Olgun Toker (Atakan) : You never fall in love with Selma again?

Burak Dakak (Mihran) : We communicate.

Leyla Tanlar (Selma): Fine

Burak Dakak (Mihran) : Fine

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