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Taro Emir Tekin Biography – Who Is Onur In Bir Peri Masali Series?


Who is the famous actor Tarik Emir Tekin, known as Taro Emir Tekin and where is he from? Detailed Taro Emir Tekin biography with information about his life. How old is he ? Who is his girlfriend? Birthday date. Age, height, zodiac sign information. TV shows and movies. Who are his mother and father? Twitter and Instagram address. Wikipedia information.

Who is Taro Emir Tekin? How old is he?

His real name is Tarik Emir Tekin. Born on June 15, 1997 in Istanbul, Tarik Emir Tekin is the son of Metin Tekin, one of the unforgettable names in football history, and the famous actress Sevval Sam.

Graduated from Oxford Drama School in 2018, the actor is also known as Taro Emir Tekin.
He completed his PaPA degree from the University of Arts London within the Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts. Afterwards, she took the RADA Foundation course and continued her education at the Oxford School of Drama. Tekin, who has been living in Turkey since 2019, continues his career here.

He managed to be the first Turkish person to be among the 17 people selected among thousands of people who applied to the Oxford School of Drama during the time he was admitted to the school.
The famous name who returned to Turkey after receiving drama training from many famous names abroad for 3 years is shown among the actors with a bright future.

The first series of the actor is the Ciplak series on BluTV. Another production he took part in is Rise of Empires: Ottoman. He also acted in a foreign movie called “Akis” with Selçuk Yontem.

He gave life to the character of Selçuk Dagci in the TV series Sadakatsiz, which was broadcast on Kanal D in 2020. This series made his become a well-known actor. He gives life to the character of Onur Koksal in the TV series Bir Peri Masali, which is broadcast on FOX TV today. He continues to take part in new projects within the management agency of İdil İletişim.

Bir Peri Masali – Alina Boz & Taro Emir Tekin

He stated in an interview that he is not very fond of football, but that he is from Beşiktaş.
The Russian tattoo on his chest reads 11. This number is the jersey number that his father wore in the 1982-83 season when he first came to Beşiktaş.

His mother, Sevval Sam, never wanted him to be a football player. Because he thought, ‘He may not be as good as a football player who has written his name in Turkish football history, but he can be a better player than me’.

He is 1.84 m tall, he is from Gemini and he is originally from Kocaeli. His girlfriend is model Sofia Katc. She loves dogs and has a dog named Lila.

Taro Emir Tekin’s Social Media Accounts

He usually uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As of the writing of this article, he has 200,000 followers on his official Instagram account and 5087 followers on his Twitter account.

Instagram address: taroemir

Twitter address: taroemir

Tv Series and Movies

2022- …. – Bir Peri Masali (TV Series) / Onur Koksal
2020-2022 Sadakatsiz (TV Series) / Selcuk Dagci
2021 Akis (Movie) / Raven
2020 Ciplak (TV Series) / Bulut
2020 Rise of Empires: Ottoman (Netflix)

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