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Yagmur Tanrisevsin talked about her new project!

Yagmur Tanrisevsin, who recently attended an event in Bodrum, spoke about her new project to Dizi Tv, which is broadcast on ATV. Famous actress Yagmur Tanrisevsin; “I'm thinking of resting a bit, actually I have vacation plans. I'm

New Project Preparations From Yagmur Tanrisevsin

A statement has been received about the new project preparations from Yagmur Tanrisevsin. Yagmur Tanrisevsin was spotted in Nişantaşı last week. Answering the questions of reporters from the exit of the venue, the beautiful actress said,

Yagmur Tanrisevsin is in good spirits!

The beautiful actress Yagmur Tanrievsin was reflected in the lenses at Zorlu Shopping Center, which we left behind. Tanrisevsin, who came to the shopping center alone at noon, met journalists in the open area after shopping on the Meydan

Yagmur Tanrisevsin; ‘I continue to draw’

The beautiful actress Yagmur Tanrisevsin was seen in Metropol Istanbul the day we left behind. Attracting attention with her plain style and natural beauty, the successful actress spent her day at the mall. Yagmur Tanrisevsin, who was