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Baris Arduc announced his holiday plan

Baris Arduc, viewed by journalists, announced the holiday plan. Baris Arduc was seen in traffic in Levent the previous evening. Stating that Ezgi Mola's wife, Mustafa Aksakallı, left the place in Kuruçeşme, the actor said, "I am going home

Baris Arduc Won 2 Awards at Once

Baris Arduc won 2 awards at the 4th International İzmir Festival. The 4th International İzmir Festival, Turkey's first and only mainstream vision films festival, ended with the award ceremony held in the Agora Ancient City. At the

Baris Arduc ; ‘Everything is OK’

Baris Arduc, who was on the screen with "Alparslan: Büyük Selcuklu", was seen in Vadistanbul the previous day. The actor's pleasant moods, who had dinner with his set mates, drew attention. Baris Arduc, who had a meal with his friends