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Similar Turkish series suggestions for those who like Sen Cal Kapimi (You Knock On My Door) series


If you enjoyed watching the Turkish TV series “Sen Cal Kapimi” and are looking for similar suggestions, here are some other Turkish dramas you might enjoy:

  1. “Erkenci Kus” (Daydreamer): This romantic comedy series tells the story of a young woman named Sanem, who starts working at a prestigious advertising agency and falls in love with her boss, Can. Sanem works in her family’s grocery store and dreams of becoming a writer.
  2. “Her Yerde Sen” (Everywhere I Go): This series revolves around a real estate developer named Demir and a young architect named Selin, who become roommates in the same apartment due to a misunderstanding.
  3. “Kiralik Ask” (Love for Rent): The series follows the life of a young lawyer named Defne, who is in need of money and ends up pretending to be the fiancée of a wealthy businessman named Ömer.
  4. “Ask Laftan Anlamaz” (Love Doesn’t Understand Words): The series portrays the love story between a rich businessman named Murat and a young woman named Hayat, who starts working as a personal assistant to Murat.
  5. “Yasak Elma” (Forbidden Fruit): This drama revolves around the lives of two sisters, Zeynep and Yıldız, who become entangled in a complex web of lies, secrets, and forbidden love affairs.
  6. “Dolunay” (Bitter Sweet): The series follows the life of a young chef named Nazlı, who starts working for a rich businessman named Ferit. As they spend time together, they develop feelings for each other.

These are just a few suggestions to explore if you enjoyed “Sen Cal Kapimi.” Each of these series offers a blend of romance, comedy, and drama, which are characteristic elements of Turkish TV dramas.

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