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Sila Turkoglu statement from Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan!


Halil ıbrahim Ceyhan and Sila Turkoglu, the lead actors of the TV series “Emanet”, which aired on Kanal 7 on weekdays, received the Best TV Series Couple of the Year award. Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan, who went on his way alone with Sila Turkoglu’s sudden departure from the series, also spoke about his former partner when he received his award.

Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan; “It was an award for both of us. Best TV series couple of the year award. I hope this award will be the only bittersweet award I have received in my career. Because our work requires a rise in direct proportion to the love and respect of the audience. Since my partner has decided to leave the production company, her reaction to the award given by the audience and her failure to come to me caused a bitterness for the audience as well as for me. Professionally, some distinctions need to be made well, and I had a situation where I realized how important this is. I felt honor and happiness for myself, but I experienced bitter joy”

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